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My original training that I got started in this field with and received certification for was in Audio Engineering, over 16 years ago. Having spent that time listening to and working with sound of all sorts and in all capacities intimately, in studios that I custom built myself, it is needless to say that my ears are a finely tuned instrument.Although experienced in many facets of audio engineering, I specialize in sound recording, editing, production, mixing and mastering specifically for music production, and post production from gaming to television and film. I know the latest tools and techniques to get the right sound with the utmost attention to detail and quality no matter what the application. I use the latest in production software tools and hardware technology including Pro Tools, Cubase, and Waves, and have 24bit, 96kHz recording capability in a comfortable studio.

My attitude is that the right tools with the wrong ears can do more harm than good with your creative work. In the digital age of computer technology, don’t take chances with someone who has tools without the ear experience gives.

For samples of my work, please see the demos section,or music production section. For a full resolution demonstration and consultation, please contact me.