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Apparently my blog has been blocked…??!!

Apparently my blog is blocked in China… God only knows why it would be, if you live in China, and your reading this, post and let me know.

This kind of thing seems to be intermittent, depending on where you live there.

2 Responses to “Apparently my blog has been blocked…??!!”

  1. mudspice Says:

    From what I understand, all blogs are unavailable to read in China. Particularly the main blog websites like wordpress, blogspot, etc.

  2. jarome Says:

    Interesting… I’ve looked into this a bit more, it’s really unfortunate that due to ignorance of technology, many countries will block a dot com website with millions of individual sites or pages for just a few offending pages, rather than block those particular pages.
    If you want your blog / website to be visible pretty much anywhere, host your wordpress blog on another server hosted somewhere other than wordpress.com using the wordpress.org software