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Fun facts about war and poverty

It’s a good day to start renouncing nationalism, America!

“… selfish souls, for the promotion of their own interests, have assigned boundaries and outlets and have, day by day, attached more importance to these, until this led to intense enmity, bloodshed and rapacity in subsequent centuries. In the same way this will continue indefinitely, and if this conception of patriotism remains limited within a certain circle, it will be the primary cause of the world’s destruction” Abdu’l-Baha

2 Responses to “Fun facts about war and poverty”

  1. mudspice Says:

    Very revealing about the world’s priorities.

  2. jarome Says:

    Yes! But luckily, for every fact like this, there is another showing the good things that are happening, Like Plumpy Nut!
    That’s right, I said Plumpy Nut, it’s saving thousands of children in Africa and worldwide, and it’s cheap.

    Sure it’s a band aid, but at least it will keep children alive while the world gets it’s priorities straight