some of my favourite songs:

Some old original Christmas songs

I was going to post these around a week before the holidays and yesterday I looked at the date and was like “Holy Christmas, it’s Dec 21st!” Here they are anyway:

Under The Mistletoe:

The First Noel - Tekno mix:

These songs were composed with the first successful artists I ever worked with, Emeline. We lost Emeline in 2001 after she spent many brave years battling breast cancer.
Rosie Owens is on backup vocals.

DISCLAIMER: These are very old songs. They were done over 16 years ago in 1991, back when I was still learning to compose, produce and engineer. They were commissioned by local radio station Z95.3 FM, who are the time were playing Emeline’s music frequently. You can hear evidence of this from the clips on Emeline’s memorial site. You can get more of her music here.
So these songs are a little embarrassing. But I’m trying to be humble and put them out there anyway. Hope you enjoy them.

Have a great holiday season visiting with family, good food and good friends.

5 Responses to “Some old original Christmas songs”

  1. Darrell Says:

    Thanks for the glimpse into your musical past my friend. I liked what heard even though Christmas music in general is not my favorite listening. Yours however, had style.

    Today while driving, I heard the local jazz station playing some really OLD Christmas dixieland jazz recordings from the 30’s and 40’s. Among them I heard this lyric (roughly):

    “I just made a Christmas wish
    I hope Santa makes come true
    He’ll slide, by Jimney, Down my chimney
    with a big bag full of you.”

    Now ain’t that romantic? Just how BIG must that bag be there brother? (I mean the one on the outside.)

    Oh well, ANY lyrics can sell if they are sung and produced well. (Remember the group “America” – singind words like “horse with no name” and “alligator lizards in the air”.) BUT really GOOD lyrics will sell even if the package is,,, well,,, you remember Bob Dylan!

    Have a great Holiday.

    ///Darrell Rodgers
    Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

  2. Laura Says:

    These songs are so sweet! Thanks for posting them! it is fun to hear this from your past. I like how all the artists involved put their own style/ stamp on Christmas songs—I don’t think that is an easy thing to do. Lovely!

  3. Elika Says:

    Wow! So great to hear these – I’m so impressed. Thanks for putting them up for us to hear. You should consider putting them up as downloads next Christmas as I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy listening to them (don’t you like how I’m now advising you on your website)!

    I just read Emeline’s touching bio on her site. Thanks for sharing that with us – she sounds like she was an extraordinary woman.

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