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How low the importance of children is in our society

It never ceases to amaze me exactly how low the importance of children is in our society in terms of the priorities of things in our culture, country, political system etc.

Lately, this painful reminder came during a meeting with our local government adoption agency, who handle children with possible developmental issues that we are considering as we expand our family.
Apparently, due to ‘privacy of information’ the government cannot obtain any medical information about the mother, and therefore know little to be able to help with a child’s health and future development. Considering the lack of care, and often self abuse that goes on in many cases with biological parents of these children, this means very serious consequences for the future of any child that is without a family (in the area I live in alone, there are thousands – all with developmental disorders that can’t be identified until the children are old enough for this to have caused major problems)

You could argue that I am ignorant of how the system works, but I like to think I know injustice when I see it.
Approaching this from a purely materialistic and non-spiritual perspective, as a politician, what could possibly be the incentive for not passing an amendment for the freedom of information act allowing personal privacy to a mother who is a drug addict, on welfare, alcoholic etc. that demands full medical records of that person for the sake of being able to provide the best care to that baby possible? (a mother who uses during pregnancy often causes irreparable damage)
How do special interest groups, corporate incentives, and all the other groups that politicians actually serve besides themselves, actually benefit from protecting the medical records of a mother who cannot take care of her child? Shouldn’t the rights of that child outweigh the rights of it’s mother? What is the incentive for that not to be the case?

I understand the low priority of children in a corrupt, un-spiritual system, but what I cannot fathom is as a politician, focusing on the materialistic and business perspective of this issue, a child is a future taxpayer! If we are going to ignore all good and virtuous motivations, for the sake of future income through the total taxes each of us pay in our lifetime, one would think the government would protect a child like a golden asset, growing to provide future millions of dollars to the government! But even THAT is not enough of an incentive for politicians to put priority on the care and education of our children.

If that doesn’t show absolute and irrepreperable corruption of the ‘modern democracy’ and political system, I don’t know what does. It’s hard to believe anyone is naive enough to have any faith left in this current system. It’s way beyond band aids and solutions, the only thing that can save it now is a total collapse. USA, lead the way!

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5 Responses to “How low the importance of children is in our society”

  1. Elika Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us… I feel your frustration Jarome. I hope the system will change as it is the children who suffer most as you have so eloquently shared. Through speaking out and blogging about this, hopefully it will bring more awareness to the challenge of the situation.

  2. Felisha Says:

    Yes, the world needs to change, and the change starts with all of us, you, me, and everyone. If we focus on our souls and project our souls to the world, at every moment, then change or growth will occur.

  3. Darrell Rodgers Says:

    Pragmatic suggestion to local adoption agencies: Require that parent’s medical histories be recorded in the Child’s own medical records upon the child being surrendered for adoption. The histories do not need names. This preserves privacy but gives the child, and his subsequent gaurdians, ownership of vital health information.

    Simple eh?


  4. jemmy Says:

    i believe that the children are our future and thus must be treated with care and love

  5. jarome Says:

    Although things are dire in our society, especially when it comes to our children’s education, there are solutions. It’s now up to everyone to insist on adopting them.
    This video is a great example and explanation of why things aren’t working in education, including why there are so many diagnosis of ADHD: