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I love skiing

Skiing is amazing, serenity, high speed exercise in nature, and gorgeous views…
I finally got some daylight skiing with some amazing weather the other day.
It’s hard to film with a digital camera while skiing, and this doesn’t even come close to capturing what it’s like up there, especially the city at night near the end, but check it out:

[youtube h1r43BRTzL8 Skiing, Cypress, Vancouver]

The video is from the top of this peak on the right.

Jarome Skiing, Cypress Mountain

4 Responses to “I love skiing”

  1. Darrell Rodgers Says:

    Wow that was cool. I’m sitting here in my house in Tucson with the doors and windows open so there’s a cool breeze blowing over me as I view this skiing video. It gave the right chill effect as having on a down parka while gliding on that mountain with you. Thanks for sharing that my friend.
    By the way, I saw Brian Taraz and his band “Nahum” rock the Tucson Peace Fest today. They were tight and stole the show.

  2. Laura Says:

    This is so cool, Jarome! What beautiful views! I can see why you love it so much. Thanks for sharing. Also, love the Jama song!

  3. Elika Says:

    Jarome, I’ve been meaning to ask you how you ski and take a video at the same time?! And what truly breathtaking views!

  4. jarome Says:

    Ha haa! How did I do it? Well, you’ll notice the video is not very good…
    But if you saw the slope I was on from my view, that would indeed be the question!
    It was daunting terrain.
    I have been skiing a long time though.
    The image can only barely capture how beautiful it is up there… and quiet!

    Glad you all didn’t think the video was as cheesy as I did.