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Latest Production, remake of an 80’s classic, ‘Fascination’

So after dusting off some 80’s analog synth hardware, and researching licensing internationally for digitally released cover songs, Heather Doré’s new song is finally released and available online! Listen here!

She is a great lover of 80’s music, so it seemed fitting to remake an almost forgotten 80’s classic, so we chose The Human League, ‘(Keep Feeling) Fascination’ which I have always loved since I was a teen. I wasn’t sure how I could do justice to the fantastic original production, unique sounds used, and great male and female vocal tracks, but a little ‘future disco’ treatment, and Darryl Kromm of Strange Advance on background vocals turned out to be a winning combination in my biased opinion!

We have some very exciting things in progress for Heather‘s next songs, so look forward to more soon!

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2 Responses to “Latest Production, remake of an 80’s classic, ‘Fascination’”

  1. Tiana Says:

    Good song. I think I just had a flashback to the 80s!

  2. Laura Says:

    I love what you did with the song, Jarome! It sounds awesome. Congrats to you and Heather!