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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-24

  • Is doing sound for the regional Baha’i conference in Vancouver for thousands at multiple hotels fed from one venue! #
  • Is doing sound for the regional Baha’i conference in Vancouver, worked out everything yesterday. Love how fog gives the city a cool glow #
  • @peteratomic awesome, congratulations on reworking the website for music 2.0! Looking forward to it &seeing you in Beijing soon… in reply to peteratomic #
  • @ScotMcKay Yes., but it only works on the last 3200 tweets, so it doesn’t work with the twitter pros…! in reply to ScotMcKay #
  • Is recording voice over for the Pro Soul promo video & meeting w Martin Kerr later… Then it’s feast tonight (in the spiritual sense) #
  • Thinks that this will be the year s**t really goes down in the music business… My prediction-Wall Mart pulls cds from store completely #
  • Is doing a terrible job lately of being a decent human being. Maybe I actually can’t handle extreme amounts of stress… A humbling realizat #
  • Is celebrating the birthday of a great guy, my nephew Aeron today. Hope your having a blast! #
  • @peteratomic amazingm, that’s exactly how I feel! Every so often, one of those buckling wires flings out and impales someone dear to me… in reply to peteratomic #
  • “The financial collapse means hopefully, instead of getting rich on stock market, university grads will get real careers” – Bethany McClain #
  • Is preparing for new project in Beijing-ambient instrumental album featuring the gorgeous sounding Yang Qin… Just got my ticket! #


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