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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-07

  • Is wondering, is oficially dead? For weeks now, every time I try to listen to music on there, it says ‘error loading’… #
  • Is pretty choked about having a ski pass but not going once this season! I work far too much… #
  • Just replaced the audio cables for my main monitors in the studio, and all kinds of power related noise is suddenly gone! Fantastic. #
  • Is hangin out with Jose Gutierrez Jr. Aka Luvva J #
  • Is ridin my bike today because its actually nice out & warm! Workin on new tracks for 3 artists & the Pro Soul video… #
  • Is looking for the right female vocalist for a new dance track I’m producing. Sort of Kylie Minogue meets Armin Van Buuren style #
  • @andrew_levine I don’t know what your using, but I’ve had a hell of a time with Leopard & Macbook, I dont like it and it seems very buggy in reply to andrew_levine #
  • @tferriss just what I need, but Hotspot Shield is PC only, whats the most effective IP blocker that will work with a Mac anywhere, anyone? in reply to tferriss #
  • @tamara_lea it’s for a client who wrote the song but doesn’t sing… in reply to tamara_lea #
  • @andrew_levine leopard seems just really slow and has issues with sleep… in reply to andrew_levine #
  • @kmore oh, thanks, they seemed to only have a windoze download. I’m trying out Tor now… in reply to kmore #
  • @tamara_lea working on bed tracks now, just have an old version which would be confusing to hear… link me to your most suitable track in reply to tamara_lea #


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