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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-28

  • is recording with the legendary Cheng Lin. It’s great to work with such a humble professional #
  • is recording harmonies for exciting new age/progressive pop song with Elika. She just released an album & is already working on new songs. #
  • is excited to know that Parham is finally a happily married man and is celebrating his union with Maryam today. Wish I could have been there #
  • @MichaelTeske: Found you through @MrTweet. always like to keep in touch with fellow world citizens! #
  • @justplainpaul: Found you through @MrTweet. I have a lot of slashes too in my title… #
  • is recording exotic Chinese percussion and 3000 year old traditional folk elements for Jin R’s new age project ‘Journey with a cup of tea’ #
  • @heatherdore would love to work with lyrics you wrote! in reply to heatherdore #
  • is recorded exotic Chinese percussion, the ancient Gu Qin , & bamboo flute today… in China! How cool. #
  • is disappointed at the lousy service Telus has not only locally but overseas. Telus is a terrible company, do not do business with them! #
  • RT @Debbas: “Every 30 seconds there is a bankruptcy in the US” Obama Sad how greed of some has crippled a great nation… #
  • Really annoying how Firefox on OSX Leopard won’t load pages properly when you use tabs… I have such a low tolerance for crappy things #
  • don’t really care how fantastic, new, fast, feature laden, and seemingly special new software is if it’s buggy & inefficient! #
  • recorded my new favorite instrument today, the Yang Qin with Jin R. Gorgeous instrument… #
  • is celebrating Baha’i festival of Ayyam-I-Ha. Already got nice gifts, chocolate macadamias, Birds of Love Limited Edition, african sculpture #
  • is working on Jin R’s music today #


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