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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-07

  • @ElysianFields Happy Ayyam-I-Ha to you, hope your enjoying it. in reply to ElysianFields #
  • RT @dubber: RT @soundboy: is pretty cool if you’re a sample geek (For example Eminem My name is… #
  • Jarome met with Tze Ern , founder of Linkedin Music 2.0 group in beijing today to discuss music biz & China facebook youtube equivalents… #
  • @FluffyStarr can’t wait for the show this month! Let’s get together soon for dinner with Jimbo in reply to FluffyStarr #
  • started fasting today for the next 19 days to more deeply connect with our true nature & appreciate the material things we have more… #
  • just got back to Vancouver from an amazing and productive Beijing trip, trying to get on this time zone. Happy to see Felisha but miss China #
  • @modifaeble yes, learning to love China, and learned a lot about the music industry there which is ahead other countries… will blog soon in reply to modifaeble #
  • @brianherbert isn’t hootsuite the best way to manage multiple twitter accounts? in reply to brianherbert #
  • RT @mikeashworth: fan page changes on way for Facebook. you’ll be able to invite friends to join them. #
  • @copong congrats on your first baby! Exciting. That may be the case for us this year if adoption goes as planned… in reply to copong #
  • @bahiyyih I’m back and ready to continue with it, so let me know when you want to book those sessions! in reply to bahiyyih #
  • RT @FutureMusicTalk: No Doubt coming to Van, Gives Away Entire Catalog To Fans purchasing $15 tour club membership: #
  • Is putting all the studio components back together after the mobile recording setup & prepping for teaching tonight. #
  • been dealing with web domain and host technical issues all day with various companies… can’t wait to switch to #
  • @Mosso wanted to use you guys from the beginning, but I need enough clients to justify that with & we’re almost there in reply to Mosso #
  • @TJsDJs good luck, most top rated supposed 99% uptime web hosts have let me down big time, is prob your only sure bet in reply to TJsDJs #
  • it seems the only way to be successful with twitter is to have a ton of free time, am I right? I figure top tweeters spend 4 to 6 hours/day #
  • Is going skiing on Sunday for the first time this year, 3pm. Let me know if you want to go! #


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