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Facing discrimination because I’m a Baha’i

Recently, after 4 years of trying internationally, we were ecstatic to receive a proposal to adopt a baby boy from Korea in April.
We were shocked to hear yesterday that the government adoption agency in Korea, Social Welfare Society, has suddenly refused our adoption based on our membership to the Baha’i faith. The adoption would have completed sometime in August.

I never thought we would have to deal with discrimination based on our beliefs, which is unacceptable for many reasons, one being that in the long list of requirements to adopt from Korea, there was no mention of any religious restrictions. In addition, if there were concerns, these could have been brought up early in the process after Korea received our initial information rather than now, near the completion, after we have received detailed information on the baby and made significant time, financial, and emotional investment.
Add to this the fact that Baha’is are not only one of the most gentle and agreeable and nonthreatening people on the planet, but also have a deep respect and high regard for children and their education and upbringing.

Our agency says this is the most shocking thing they’ve encountered in their many years pioneering international adoption.

We are already in touch with the highest Baha’i administration in Korea. Rest assured, we will be taking steps to see justice is done.

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8 Responses to “Facing discrimination because I’m a Baha’i”

  1. Darrell Rodgers Says:

    Dear Jarome,

    How Exciting! What an opportunity to teach the Faith to the Koreans! I will pray for the success of the Baha’ institutions there who will now rise to this challenge. Remember Jarome, wherever Bahais endure persecution, the Faith flourishes. I know you did not choose to be tested in this way, but I believe that God will reward your sacrifice.

    Forgive me for sounding inappropriately enthusiastic . I know this must be tearing your heart out right now and I hurt too, for you and Felisha. But I really feel that the concourse is rushing to your assistance right now.

    We love you brother and know that you are going to make a great Dad! Hang in there.


  2. Joel Corriveau Says:

    Crikey. That’s a real sham(e). Sorry to hear you getting emotionally jerked around, or challenged as Darrell has so optimistically phrased it.

    Very encouraging words, indeed.

    Follow your light.

  3. Elika Says:

    Dear Jarome and Felisha,
    We are thinking of you both at this time and praying that justice will be served. We are here by your side to support you and encourage you. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

  4. Amy Says:

    Oh Jarome and Felisha, that is so shocking. I am sorry you have to bear this, and we want you to know that we will be praying for assistance for you and the child, and for all children who are denied a family because of this prejudice.

  5. Jeanne Farr Says:

    What Darrell said.

    How many of us can really say we have ever suffered because of our belief in Baha’u’llah? Could it have just been the actions of an individual and not policy? The NSA of Korea can take this opportunity to share our beliefs.

  6. jarome Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments and support!
    Darrell, I totally understand what you are saying, even though injustice is always hard for me especially in a case like this.

    Will be posting follow ups below this comment, so check for updates!

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