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Update on Korea adoption case

I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the messages and support we have received since announcing the challenges as Baha’is we’ve been facing in adopting a baby.

Your prayers and positive energy have been effective though!

2 Baha’is on the National Spiritual Assembly of Korea visited the agency we’re dealing with there soon after hearing about our case without an appointment.

The person who is in charge of our case was not in the office because of her business travel overseas for the two weeks.
Instead they met staff and asked the reason why they decided to deny our adoption based on our beliefs.
As we expected the main reason was incorrect information they had obtained from the internet and their friends.

The Baha’is explained them about the Faith and emphasized that it was quite different than what they are thinking of, and they politely requested that they reconsider the decision again.

She said that she would read the materials about the Faith in Korean they brought, and take the proper measure once the person handling our case returns.

They will be following up soon, So keep those prayers and positive energy coming!

It’s impressive and moving how quickly and sincerely Baha’is come together to assist others when needed.

Note: Please do not post any information about this elsewhere for the next few weeks, we don’t want to jeapordize this delicate situation until it is resolved. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. Barmak Says:

    Great news!!!