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Moving the studio

That’s right, after 3 great years, I’m moving my studio to my home next week. I had planned to blog about it much earlier, but then we were suddenly told to drop everything and go to Vietnam to adopt a baby (An update on that & what has happened in my next blog…).

Because I will be doing a lot more work overseas next year, I decided it didn’t make sense to have a separate studio here that is costing me when I won’t even be here! So I’m moving the studio to my home and will be working with a friends studio locally when recording is necessary in Vancouver.Jarome Studio 2006

It was a hard decision, as this was definitely the best sounding studio I’ve had, interesting as it was quite a simple setup, but there was something about the sound in there that gave this lovely air when mixing, and it had a comfy homey feeling when recording.
Had some fantastic times in there working with amazing artists like Elika Mahony, Heather Dore, Laura Harley, and Bahiyyih.

We custom built the studio as a double walled enclosure, and acoustically treated the walls, and put in wood flooring.

It seems every time I build a studio, the time I actually get to use it before something happens becomes less and less… Hopefully my next studio will last more than 3 years! I really thought I would be there and use the space for a lot longer than I did, but life changes.

In terms of how this will affect my work, things will be continuing as usual as far as what I can do and the quality of my work. I’ve made sure those things won’t be affected. What will change is my availability in Vancouver. If you want to work together on a project, make sure you schedule it now, because my time here next year will be limited!

In going through everything I have to prepare to move, I found some pretty amazing memorabilia from my music past… Im going to post some of those things in future blogs, so keep an eye out.

I’m also selling some vintage analog gear as I part with things I don’t use as much to make room for new additions that I need more now with my work and the way technology changes. If your interested in an Emax 2 sampler, Korg SDD-1000 delay fx, Behringer MX 2642A Mixer, or a Symetrix 528 vocal processor/preamp channel strip, then let me know.

I have to say, I’m really looking forward to all the time I’ll be saving not having to commute, and the money that will be saved as well. This has been a really tough year, and I really need a break and to make some major changes in the way I work, badly.

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8 Responses to “Moving the studio”

  1. Walter Heath Says:

    Good luck with all the changes. We make plans, and then life happens. So being adaptable is key to success. You and your wife and child, are in my prayers.

  2. Elika Says:

    We’ve had some wonderful times in your studio J! Will definitely miss it! Looking forward to some more wonderful recording sessions in the future wherever your new studio will be. 🙂

  3. David Green Says:

    Good luck Jarome! It’s David from Langara here. Thanks again for all the web know how, I’m using it everyday. I just wish I could afford some of your gear. Slowly, slowly.

  4. Darrell Rodgers Says:

    Well, I work at home today and it’s a blessing and a half! With that new addition to your family, being there will be worth its weight in gold. You’ll get to see the growing years up close. My next step is to build a little studio of my own. Maybe I can tap your experience for some good “how to” – again! ///Darrell

  5. Jarome Says:

    Your right Walter! Thanks Elika, we sure have. It tool me a long time to acquire the gear I have now David, just focus on what you really need for now to do what you want to do, and keep in touch! I look forward to hearing what your working on.
    I agree Darrell, it will be good. Glad to help out with your studio, having built 4 of them, I’m getting good at it!

  6. Richard Says:

    Läser att du kan tänka dig att sälja din Emax II. TIll saken hör att jag är på jakt efter just en sådan maskin. Har du den kvar och fortfarande är villig att sälja, är du varmt välkommer att höra av dig till mig.
    Mvh, Richard, Karlskrona

  7. jarome Says:

    Sorry Richard, sold the Emax II! Was blown away by how much interest there was in that machine, and all this time I thought it was a boat anchor…

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wow nice studio.