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New China only music release ‘T. Journey’

Last year, i had the pleasure of working on quite an incredible Chinese project with the renowned Beijing artist Jin R (pronounced Jing R).
It has recently been released in China, it’s called ‘T. Journey’

T Journey Bath House CD coverJin R is a known world class Chinese chef, restaurant owner, and sublime improvisational Yang Qin performer and artist.
Best known for her Hong Kong and Beijing restaurants ‘Green T House‘, Jin R was recently flown to Vancouver to cook her incredible culinary creations for the VIP guests of the 2010 winter Olympics.
Many attempt to copy hear ideas all over Beijing if not the world, and she truly represents a new era of China.

Last year Jin R developed a new bath house called Green T House Living Bath House & Residence which has already won the Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 – “Best Spa” and “AsiaSPA Magazine Awards 2009 – “Best New Spa Design” and “Best Day Spa”. Jin R wanted to create a unique soundtrack for this spa experience that took you on a journey through ancient to modern China and beyond. She asked me to produce and engineer the album as well as do some sound design.
Jin R playing Yang QinWe discussed what the album would sound like, I played Jin R some sound effect ambiances, chanting, and other musical elements and she eventually became inspired to envision the entire album, with all the performers and instruments she wanted to be a part of the project.
It was quite a diverse selection! I told Jin R, “not only is this not going to be relaxing, but it will be very challenging to make it work musically!”
But she was determined to make it more of a journey, and felt the spa treatments would be relaxing enough, So we proceeded.

Yang Qin, Gu Qin, Chinese traditional opera, Shao, and Chinese percussion, it was an amazing journey for me into Chinese music and instruments unlike anything else I have done before. I blogged more about the production here.
I was amazed at how quickly she rounded up some of the most amazing talent in Beijing, many of which had never been recorded!

Amazingly, it all worked out and it’s an diverse and unique album, another product of the original and creative mind of Jin R.
I owe much thanks to the talented and lovely Elika Mahony for not only introducing us, but assisting us with this project and allowing us to generously use her studio.

You can’t buy this album though, only receive it as a guest of the Green T House Living Bath House & Residence! So make sure you visit when your in Beijing, China.

Jin R’s ‘ancient meets futuristic’ Yang Qin performances on this project reaffirmed that the Yang Qin is one of my favorite instruments in the world.
It’s hard to get a sense of the album from a small part, but you can hear an excerpt of the album below:



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6 Responses to “New China only music release ‘T. Journey’”

  1. Elika Says:

    Dear Jarome, it was my pleasure to introduce you to such a talented and creative artist. Jin R truly is remarkable in all her talents. We’re lucky to have her in Beijing! Hopefully you’ll have more opportunities to work with such talented artists in Beijing very soon. 🙂

  2. felisha Says:

    What a wonderful opportunity you’ve had to work with such a multi-talented artist like Jin R. I hope you have more opportunities to work with her on creative projects.

  3. cleverpig Says:

    hi,Jarome! how can I get this beautiful music release? to be a visitor or a customer for Green T House?

  4. jarome Says:

    Thanks Elika, I hope so too Felisha!
    Liu I think you can actually get the CD at the Green T Living restaurant, call or email them and see. Contact is on their website.

  5. Robbie Says:

    Dear Clever Pig,
    Robbie here from GREEN T. HOUSE, you can get a copy of JinR’s new work (and other releases) directly through our retail manager And very soon we will launch an online boutique that sells music and much more through our website

    Hi Jarome, thanks for the nice post my friend.

  6. Ruo xiaoan Says:

    why only realease china. nice music