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Music for Infants

As you may know if you’ve read my blog before, I recently adopted a baby boy from Vietnam.
Of course as a music producer, the first music he heard had to be something I had composed, and appropriately I had some music created just for infants for a video project I was involved in that never got released.
So I thought I should share a sample of it I call ‘Wonder Funtime’:
I am no expert when it comes to music and children, especially infants, but I did some research and used my instincts to come up with some music that I hoped was appropriate for young ears and delicate minds.
I’ll let you be the judge if I succeeded in that effort. Not sure what I’ll do with this music as I still own the rights, perhaps I should put out an album or license it for something…
Of course Evan loved it and was quite mesmerized.
He loves sound of all kinds, so the bells and vocal like horns seemed to appeal to him.
Next I think I’ll introduce him to some jazz.
Evan Binh Minh 7 months

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4 Responses to “Music for Infants”

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  2. Heather Doré Says:

    I think this song clip is absolutely lovely, and can fully understand why Evan loved it ! It is definitely perfect for young ears – a very pleasant melody, with appealing sounds. I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything in this style from you, but once again, you surprise and delight with your many talents ! I think you should go for it, and make an album for babies !!! I’d definitely buy it for friends !


  3. Jarome Says:

    Thanks Heather!
    Not sure if childrens music is my thing, but I tried.

  4. Laura Says:

    That is so sweet! What a lucky little guy to grow up around so much music and such loving parents.