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Chinese potato chip flavors

I’ve haven’t been able to blog much lately, even though I’ve never actually had so much to blog about…
That’s because even the simplest things seem to take so long in China and eat up a lot of your time.

Every day here in Beijing I see something that would blow your mind and often I take photos.
Wish I could share it all with you…

All I can leave you with for now is this – Lay’s certainly know how to market their products to a different culture!
One of many very bizarre potato chip flavors in Beijing, China:

Lays 'Intense and Stimulating' hot and sour fish soup potato chips

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2 Responses to “Chinese potato chip flavors”

  1. erik Says:

    I also like the Wok Fried Beef Filet flavor here in Taiwan or the Spicy Chicken and Bacon…lol..not too mention the lovely drinks….

  2. jarome Says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen those ones Erik! Nice.