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Cheng Lin receives Green China award for our song ‘Only One Earth’

Last December, I completed arranging, programming, production and engineering for a song by Chinese artist Cheng Lin.

The song is about preservation of the environment, as we have ‘Only One Earth’. It was reworked from an old version in partnership with Green China, an organization recognizing philanthropy relating to preservation of the environment in China as they want to use it as a theme song for their TV shows.
We wanted it to have a more progressive feel so it has an urban style groove, and I’m proud of Lin for moving away from typical Chinese pop production with this song. Elika Mahony assisted on background vocals, and Bruce Gremo performed Shakalute and Xun, Chinese clay flute which many feel sounds like an Owl or some natural sound in the second verse amongst the modern production which is nice.
Lin even shot an interview and recording footage in the studio for the song…

A lot happened since then and the song had to be mastered (by Chris Athens, Sterling Sound, New York), but it’s been released as of the end of April, and Lin received an award from Green China during a TV awards ceremony for people who have brought awareness to protection of the environment in China for Earth Day. I really appreciate Lin recognizing our contribution on the song during the show, in English no less so we could understand!

You can listen to the song ‘Only One Earth’ here:
Cheng Lin – Only One Earth

Check out the awards ceremony here (Warning, it’s long, unedited, but at 2 hours 13 minutes, Lin performs the song, and you can see Elika & I in the audience):

(note: the original clip is unavailable at the moment, so this is a shorter one)

Some of the wealthiest in China are investing in Green China, so no doubt big things are bound to happen quickly. Apparently they will have Al Gore at a ceremony later this year to receive an award for his work.
I’m proud to be a part of such an effort, and it’s great to see within days of releasing a song that it is featured on TV and getting attention already.

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6 Responses to “Cheng Lin receives Green China award for our song ‘Only One Earth’”

  1. Halanna Says:

    Congratulations Jarome, great melody, and awesome purpose!

  2. Joe Says:

    I listened to the song and I love the rhythm, it’s very peaceful and harmonious. I’d love to see the translation.

    Good show Jarome, I know that you’ll succeed big in China.

  3. Jarome Matthew's Blog » Recording for Cheng Lin’s new Chinese release “Greater Than Gold” Says:

    […] project in some way. I blogged about a song that we worked on which I also produced and arranged, Only One Earth which won a Green China award. One track in particular, Ray of Light, was the final vocal recording […]

  4. Halanna Says:

    Like Cheng Lin’s delicate and graceful voice, and the melodies are very relaxing and easy
    to listen to, great stuff congratulations in working with Green China and environment, so important Blessings on your work!

  5. Ye Li Says:

    The sound is as fresh as a sweet-smelling breeze gently blowing from the nature, especially the beginning and the transition are impressive.
    It seems that you use Dizi and Xun (I’m not sure).
    The tone of Chinese traditional instrument is at just the right parts of the whole. LIke some kinds of fragrance rising from young grass. Is your initial idea on that orchestration? Very delicate:)
    So does the lyric interweaving with the English words “the earth”. They mixed together and sound like a new language in common.

  6. jarome Says:

    Thank you Ye Li, yes it’s Xun and Xiao flute.
    I did the arrangement/orchestration but did not write the melody.
    It’s one of the first songs Cheng Lin sang with English words