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Latest production: Herb-One old school hip hop jams

I titled this latest production, but actually, I’ve been working on so many projects lately, it isn’t the very latest… I’ll post about the rest soon.

Late summer I edited and mixed a oool album by Herb-One.
Herb has been working for years on tracks that he painstakingly and meticulously assembled and created from many different sources in a truly traditional fashion for old school hip hop (which made for some unique challenges for me in mixing the tracks). It’s a great collection of the first of many releases from him, and I think he did a fantastic job on it, not only delivering impressive ‘bragadocious’ rhymes & lyrics, but some classic old school hip hop reminiscent of the days when it was still creative, and innovative, and fun for the whole family (ie: expletive free)

Herb-One: The One & Only album cover

The other cool thing about MC Herb-One is he’s also living in China, and has even incorporated some Chinese traditional elements into the tracks in a subtle way, such as the background to one of my favourite tracks, ‘I Got It’ which you can take a listen below:

Check out the rest of the album online including the ‘classic LP’ artworkhere, and the facebook page here.

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2 Responses to “Latest production: Herb-One old school hip hop jams”

  1. Martin Says:

    Love the track J. Been missing your posts. Love you too!

  2. jarome Says:

    Thanks Martin, very good of you.
    I have lots of good stuff coming, unfortunately, China has me run ragged, so it may take longer to get stuff out. Paying my dues here and proving myself…