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The future of education is here! Khan Academy online

Since I posted about the insightful Ken Robinson talk about how defective the education of our children is, I’ve been thinking, how do I avoid putting my son into this mess? When will a functioning solution exist to address Ken’s excellent suggestions to reform education, given that government institutions are lazy, disinterested and short of funding?

Well as a parent, I was practically jumping up and down with excitement to learn of the non-profit Khan Academy.
Do you think founder Sal Khan is an education major? Of course not. Watch the amazing story about how this developed and how it mushroomed into a serious force in eduction with Bill Gates and Google supporting it:

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One Response to “The future of education is here! Khan Academy online”

  1. jarome Says:

    If your asking yourself, “how can a bunch of videos be the future of education” you didn’t get it, read this article and see the actual effect on children’s learning this has had:
    This is also helpful if you can’t see the video, CBS News is blocked in some countries…

    Why I also think this is the future of education is that Khan says he’s now considering starting his own private school, as a way to see just how much you could wrap learning around Khan Academy. His ideas are intriguing: Among other things, his school wouldn’t divide kids by age; teenagers would mix in with kindergarteners. We know this will provide a huge progression in how children are educated already. Khan and his team are also now sitting on a massive pile of data about how people learn and where they get stuck, over 50 million questions answered, over 50 million questions answered by students of every demographic…