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New video production: Medieval Times In China and Beyond

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

A DVD production I’ve been working on for some time has just been completed for a company Teaching For Thinking, that provides multimedia resources primarily for high school instructors, .

It’s called ‘Medieval Times In China and Beyond’ and is part of a 2 DVD series about Medieval History. Here’s a trailer:

Medieval Times In China and Beyond on Vimeo.

We found some fantastic resources for this video online in the way of images and video. I included some of my own photos from travel to India!

I appreciated how instructors now wanted content that represented not only North American and European History, but from around the world, particularly in China who was creating many inventions the world heavily uses and relies on while Europe was engaged in progress stifling religious conflict…

current favorite music

Monday, April 7th, 2008

I’ve decided to create a widget to share my current fave songs because lately, I can barely contain myself about some of the music I have been listening to. (I’m not sure why really as no one I know or even work with really shares my eclectic and extreme range of taste in music…)

The first artist I have been really into lately is Finnish band Nightwish, which, if you listen to their older material with previous vocalist, have successfully married hard rock, opera and electronic music, no small feat. Their video for Amaranth puts to shame most north american music videos, never mind their music production. I was pleased to hear they are coming here on tour soon.

[myspace 15949066 Nightwish-Amaranth Video ]

And completely different, the other track I have been into lately is M.I.A ‘Baamboo Banga’
I have put this with other favorites in my box on the sidebar to the left.
When you come back to this blog next time, check it out for my latest favorite tracks!
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New Mash Up Video: Enjoy The Cylons

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Ever since I was a kid, i have loved the Cylons from the TV show Battlestar Galactica. I even made my very own super cool silver cylon mask out of paper mache for halloween once. When fan of the modern remake of BSG, and an artist I have produced, Laura Harley joked about listening to Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’ and thinking ‘enjoy the cylons’, I had my fuel to create the ultimate cylon tribute video.

Over the last few months, this video has become quite a mash up. What I did is start with the remix of Enjoy The Silence by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Then I edited it and re created parts so that Laura could sing over top. So that was the musical mash up, a remake of the remix of the original song.
Then for the video, I cut my favorite clips, chosen to work with the lyrics of the song, and give a good overview of the new and old cylons, and show some of the drama and conflict between the cylons themselves.

So enough reading already, check out the video!

Enjoy The Cylons: Battlestar Galactica vs Depeche Mode on Vimeo.

(I posted a high quality download of this in comments below, because the youtube video is not available anymore in it’s original form.)