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Latest production: Herb-One old school hip hop jams

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I titled this latest production, but actually, I’ve been working on so many projects lately, it isn’t the very latest… I’ll post about the rest soon.

Late summer I edited and mixed a oool album by Herb-One.
Herb has been working for years on tracks that he painstakingly and meticulously assembled and created from many different sources in a truly traditional fashion for old school hip hop (which made for some unique challenges for me in mixing the tracks). It’s a great collection of the first of many releases from him, and I think he did a fantastic job on it, not only delivering impressive ‘bragadocious’ rhymes & lyrics, but some classic old school hip hop reminiscent of the days when it was still creative, and innovative, and fun for the whole family (ie: expletive free)

Herb-One: The One & Only album cover

The other cool thing about MC Herb-One is he’s also living in China, and has even incorporated some Chinese traditional elements into the tracks in a subtle way, such as the background to one of my favourite tracks, ‘I Got It’ which you can take a listen below:

Check out the rest of the album online including the ‘classic LP’ artworkhere, and the facebook page here.

My latest favorite track: So Human – Lady Sovereign

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Bought a ton of new music lately that i’ve been meaning to for some time now. Haven’t listened to it all yet, but from what I’ve heard, this is my current fave: So Human from Brit rapper Lady Sovereign‘s second album

Derived from The Cure’s brilliant track ‘Close To Me’, the idea for this track shouldn’t work, but somehow it does.

You can check it out on my ‘Fave Tunes’ player on the right of my blog —–>

Rapper Lady Sovereign, singing! Who woulda guessed? Luv ya Lady Sovereign!
And good on ya for ditching your lame record label.