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Happy New Year! My top 5 moments of 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Wow, what a year!

In many ways, it was great, and there were so many fantastic moments, but overall, the forces of darkness in the world and in my own life create a pretty hellish year.

I’ve learned a lot though, and focusing on the positive things, here are my top 5 moments as I blogged about them from the start of the year, not in order of importance:

My latest production: ‘Birds Of Love

Music production in Beijing

The Quest for Balance in My Life

New trance/pop production: ‘I know I Should Run’

Video production: Medieval Europe & the Crusades

Then there was the great trip to New York, which I never had time to blog about like many other things during the year…
Most of the other productions and accomplishments of the year I completed have yet to be released, I produced over 5 albums this year!

Here are some of my top blogs worth mentioning from 2009:

Pro Soul Alliance music business 2.0 insights

The Importance Of Music In Society

Is professionally produced music important anymore?

Information rich, attention poor

Improving vocal performance

The End Of Control: Waking Up From Life’s Illusions

I hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you, I know it will be quite an amazing year for me.
Thanks for reading, your why I do this, keep an eye out for some possible very big news from me in 2010, coming soon!