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Obama, you deserved to make history.

Congratulations Obama, and America, for voting for someone not only with integrity, eloquence and intelligence, but who appears humble, and is driven to improve things! I hoped he would succeed, but I really didn’t know if it would happen given the bizarre nature of American politics… It really seemed like enough people loved him enough to make it happen, when I was in California last week, I only saw Obama signs on peoples lawns…

The problem is one man may not be enough to really change things in a totally corrupt system. The current political system is not only corrupt through it’s individuals, but in the whole system itself.
After studying the Baha’i administrative order, I decided that any political system that puts one man as the head to make major decisions is fatally flawed. Nine people is a good start. Each must be voted into their position purely on their merits and ability to serve, rather than campaign strategies, funding, and even desire to hold a position of such power. Then, each administrative member must hold no power outside the body of nine, there should only be power as a group. That is a pure, progressive system! And it works internationally in over 220 countries of the world in the Baha’i administration. But a system like that will never see the light of day in the political world unless a complete collapse occurs, in my limited opinion.

If anyone can make a change and impact the system, and improve the lives of Americans, I think Obama can. But he has a lot of mess to clean up, and a terrible system to try and work within. I hope for the best and wait with anticipation to see how things go over the next few years.

One Response to “Obama, you deserved to make history.”

  1. Tiana Says:

    It is an interesting time to be a witness to. His task is not an easy one, and I hope people realize this enough so they don’t have unobtainable expectations. Although he is the “leader” I hear he has surrounded himself with many good, intelligent people, and I hope he will listen to their council.