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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-07

Saturday, March 7th, 2009
  • @ElysianFields Happy Ayyam-I-Ha to you, hope your enjoying it. in reply to ElysianFields #
  • RT @dubber: RT @soundboy: is pretty cool if you’re a sample geek (For example Eminem My name is… #
  • Jarome met with Tze Ern , founder of Linkedin Music 2.0 group in beijing today to discuss music biz & China facebook youtube equivalents… #
  • @FluffyStarr can’t wait for the show this month! Let’s get together soon for dinner with Jimbo in reply to FluffyStarr #
  • started fasting today for the next 19 days to more deeply connect with our true nature & appreciate the material things we have more… #
  • just got back to Vancouver from an amazing and productive Beijing trip, trying to get on this time zone. Happy to see Felisha but miss China #
  • @modifaeble yes, learning to love China, and learned a lot about the music industry there which is ahead other countries… will blog soon in reply to modifaeble #
  • @brianherbert isn’t hootsuite the best way to manage multiple twitter accounts? in reply to brianherbert #
  • RT @mikeashworth: fan page changes on way for Facebook. you’ll be able to invite friends to join them. #
  • @copong congrats on your first baby! Exciting. That may be the case for us this year if adoption goes as planned… in reply to copong #
  • @bahiyyih I’m back and ready to continue with it, so let me know when you want to book those sessions! in reply to bahiyyih #
  • RT @FutureMusicTalk: No Doubt coming to Van, Gives Away Entire Catalog To Fans purchasing $15 tour club membership: #
  • Is putting all the studio components back together after the mobile recording setup & prepping for teaching tonight. #
  • been dealing with web domain and host technical issues all day with various companies… can’t wait to switch to #
  • @Mosso wanted to use you guys from the beginning, but I need enough clients to justify that with & we’re almost there in reply to Mosso #
  • @TJsDJs good luck, most top rated supposed 99% uptime web hosts have let me down big time, is prob your only sure bet in reply to TJsDJs #
  • it seems the only way to be successful with twitter is to have a ton of free time, am I right? I figure top tweeters spend 4 to 6 hours/day #
  • Is going skiing on Sunday for the first time this year, 3pm. Let me know if you want to go! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-28

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
  • is recording with the legendary Cheng Lin. It’s great to work with such a humble professional #
  • is recording harmonies for exciting new age/progressive pop song with Elika. She just released an album & is already working on new songs. #
  • is excited to know that Parham is finally a happily married man and is celebrating his union with Maryam today. Wish I could have been there #
  • @MichaelTeske: Found you through @MrTweet. always like to keep in touch with fellow world citizens! #
  • @justplainpaul: Found you through @MrTweet. I have a lot of slashes too in my title… #
  • is recording exotic Chinese percussion and 3000 year old traditional folk elements for Jin R’s new age project ‘Journey with a cup of tea’ #
  • @heatherdore would love to work with lyrics you wrote! in reply to heatherdore #
  • is recorded exotic Chinese percussion, the ancient Gu Qin , & bamboo flute today… in China! How cool. #
  • is disappointed at the lousy service Telus has not only locally but overseas. Telus is a terrible company, do not do business with them! #
  • RT @Debbas: “Every 30 seconds there is a bankruptcy in the US” Obama Sad how greed of some has crippled a great nation… #
  • Really annoying how Firefox on OSX Leopard won’t load pages properly when you use tabs… I have such a low tolerance for crappy things #
  • don’t really care how fantastic, new, fast, feature laden, and seemingly special new software is if it’s buggy & inefficient! #
  • recorded my new favorite instrument today, the Yang Qin with Jin R. Gorgeous instrument… #
  • is celebrating Baha’i festival of Ayyam-I-Ha. Already got nice gifts, chocolate macadamias, Birds of Love Limited Edition, african sculpture #
  • is working on Jin R’s music today #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-21

Saturday, February 21st, 2009
  • is celebrating my love and appreciation for my dear Felisha today from afar… Love you baby! #
  • is working in Beijing where the quietness at the market proves economy has been hit here too. Gov’t here has money to boost it though… #
  • RT @HAZIQ: Missing Iraq billions could be the greatest fraud in US history: One of the many reasons economy is toast… #
  • @MrBuzzFactor I’ll do an interview, talk about what Pro Soul is doing for indie artists… in reply to MrBuzzFactor #
  • RT @gleonhard: RT @PSFK: Interesting: Facebook owns your stuff 4ever: Be careful when uploading to facebook! #
  • RT @edpeto: I have started a twitter feed for anyone interested in the music business in China and other emerging markets: @outdustry. #
  • @FluffyStarr welcome to twitter! follow mrtweet for some assistance and tips in reply to FluffyStarr #
  • RT @mashable: Reading: “Facebook Privacy Change Sparks Federal Complaint” #
  • RT @mediaor: [Mashable] Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms of Service: That was quick… #
  • Jill Sobule Fans Pay Off – Pay for her new album – Pollstar #
  • recording with Elika today. It’s snowing in Beijing, it hasn’t rained in 100 days so the government has seeded the clouds… #
  • RT @gleonhard: Love the new makes using several twitter accounts much easier… #
  • @FluffyStarr good for you! Milk products cause all kinds of issues, for me, it is like Kriptonite to superman… in reply to FluffyStarr #
  • @heatherdore great to hear your getting time off and can work on the new song! It’s going to be amazing in reply to heatherdore #
  • @MusicBizGuy for some great intelligent soft rock, check out in reply to MusicBizGuy #
  • RT @outdustry: 117.6 million mobile internet users in China, more than doubling since this time last year #
  • got a lot of cool candies and goodies from a real local market in Beijing today, it was an amazing place! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-07

Saturday, February 7th, 2009
  • Is wondering, is oficially dead? For weeks now, every time I try to listen to music on there, it says ‘error loading’… #
  • Is pretty choked about having a ski pass but not going once this season! I work far too much… #
  • Just replaced the audio cables for my main monitors in the studio, and all kinds of power related noise is suddenly gone! Fantastic. #
  • Is hangin out with Jose Gutierrez Jr. Aka Luvva J #
  • Is ridin my bike today because its actually nice out & warm! Workin on new tracks for 3 artists & the Pro Soul video… #
  • Is looking for the right female vocalist for a new dance track I’m producing. Sort of Kylie Minogue meets Armin Van Buuren style #
  • @andrew_levine I don’t know what your using, but I’ve had a hell of a time with Leopard & Macbook, I dont like it and it seems very buggy in reply to andrew_levine #
  • @tferriss just what I need, but Hotspot Shield is PC only, whats the most effective IP blocker that will work with a Mac anywhere, anyone? in reply to tferriss #
  • @tamara_lea it’s for a client who wrote the song but doesn’t sing… in reply to tamara_lea #
  • @andrew_levine leopard seems just really slow and has issues with sleep… in reply to andrew_levine #
  • @kmore oh, thanks, they seemed to only have a windoze download. I’m trying out Tor now… in reply to kmore #
  • @tamara_lea working on bed tracks now, just have an old version which would be confusing to hear… link me to your most suitable track in reply to tamara_lea #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-24

Saturday, January 24th, 2009
  • Is doing sound for the regional Baha’i conference in Vancouver for thousands at multiple hotels fed from one venue! #
  • Is doing sound for the regional Baha’i conference in Vancouver, worked out everything yesterday. Love how fog gives the city a cool glow #
  • @peteratomic awesome, congratulations on reworking the website for music 2.0! Looking forward to it &seeing you in Beijing soon… in reply to peteratomic #
  • @ScotMcKay Yes., but it only works on the last 3200 tweets, so it doesn’t work with the twitter pros…! in reply to ScotMcKay #
  • Is recording voice over for the Pro Soul promo video & meeting w Martin Kerr later… Then it’s feast tonight (in the spiritual sense) #
  • Thinks that this will be the year s**t really goes down in the music business… My prediction-Wall Mart pulls cds from store completely #
  • Is doing a terrible job lately of being a decent human being. Maybe I actually can’t handle extreme amounts of stress… A humbling realizat #
  • Is celebrating the birthday of a great guy, my nephew Aeron today. Hope your having a blast! #
  • @peteratomic amazingm, that’s exactly how I feel! Every so often, one of those buckling wires flings out and impales someone dear to me… in reply to peteratomic #
  • “The financial collapse means hopefully, instead of getting rich on stock market, university grads will get real careers” – Bethany McClain #
  • Is preparing for new project in Beijing-ambient instrumental album featuring the gorgeous sounding Yang Qin… Just got my ticket! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-17

Saturday, January 17th, 2009
  • Is wondering why o why is there belly button lint? Why? It never used to be there… #
  • reading about Obama’s first international visit as president-to Canada: #
  • @robgokeemusic Check out this BSG vs Depeche Mode mash up, ‘Enjoy The Cylons’: in reply to robgokeemusic #
  • @LauraHarley Yeah! 24 Premiere tonight… Rock on, it’s been too long! in reply to LauraHarley #
  • Is trying to get the new Mac all up and running properly in the studio today after months of set up & prep! #
  • is having more delays with the new Mac. Waves audio is one of the worst software companies EVER. If you don’t already use them, DONT START. #
  • Is amazed at how filthy the streets get after the snow melts in Vancouver! #
  • Just met with the talented Canadian Idol finalist Martin Kerr to catch up & talk about Pro Soul Alliance #
  • Is having deal with a lot of technical issues & learn a bunch of new software in order to have this fast new computer in the studio… #
  • Is glad that I’m finally able to open older projects in Cubase with minimal issues… Off to sound check for regional Bahai conference #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-10

Saturday, January 10th, 2009
  • Is recording with Bahiyyih & Roya today for B’s album… Hello what’s this, more snow? Bollocks! I’m done with it! #
  • @ColleenCoplick watching ads is a huge waste of your time, use a PVR , and the Tetley Vanilla Rooibos is indeed the best, I tried many! in reply to ColleenCoplick #
  • is sweating from shoveling snow…. again. TONS of piled up work to do, but just feel like goofing off, such a shame to be responsible… #
  • is watching a show about how it’s now possible for a computer can read your mind with precision! Science Fiction is no longer. Will blog… #
  • Is celebrating the birthday of a very special person & talented musician today, Mrs Laura Harley! #
  • @RebeccaGeiger glad you like my twitter bg! is the best, but most expensive. I use maxbulk on my computer… in reply to RebeccaGeiger #
  • Is back teaching music production again tonight #
  • just got drenched by a wave of water from a bus while walking through puddle/mini lake. How could I become a victim of this? Shocking… #
  • knows that if @felishamatthew can deal with the difficult health routine to deal with hormonal issues, so can you Steve Jobs! #
  • Is really proud of @felishamatthew for sticking to her difficult health routine to deal with all the frustrating health problems! #
  • @Juliet9 “God gives you friends as His way of saying I’m sorry for your family” That is awesome! Hilarious. Wonder where thats from… in reply to Juliet9 #
  • is really kind of a little bit messed up these days. I think months of work without a real day off will do that to a person… #
  • Virgin Radio Vancouver has now been broadcasting for 24 hours at 95.3 FM replacing Crave FM. Station focus on the Hot AC format: 25-49 y/o #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-27

Saturday, December 27th, 2008
  • Is going to see The Day The Earth Stood Still! I live for these kinds of flicks…will report later. #
  • is happy to report that ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ is a great film, although it could have been more developed, I loved it! Inspiring. #
  • posted a cool photo I like to call ‘nuclear sunset’ more to come when I get some time… #
  • Oh, come on, @moearora Step Brothers is crude and juvenile, but I recently saw it and there are some truly humorous moments in that movie #
  • Is excited that Cypress mountain just opened for skiing. Got a night pass, who in Vancity is going this season? #
  • @TJsDJs if you spend over $1000 just cuz someone has produced an artist that’s gotten lucky or bought some fame, your wasting your money! in reply to TJsDJs #
  • HAZIQ Retweet: Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown by Iraqi Journalist. Supposedly Iraqi symbol of contempt – Link to video #
  • is mixing Elika’s CD, then off to Olympia, Washington with Roshena for a Pro Soul meeting with Jose aka Luvva J #
  • Is driving to Washington… Listening to Phil Morrison & Keith Williams, Jazz #
  • Is in Seattle… Listening to Above & Beyond mixes #
  • Is hangin with Jose in Olympia, Wa #
  • is back in Van now #
  • Is juggling WAY too many things again! Duties & people are getting neglected. Think I need a life coach but can’t afford it now. #
  • @peteratomic so glad your enjoying the new net knowledge! That is the tip of the iceberg, Pro Soul has a lot more cool things to assist… in reply to peteratomic #
  • is trying to do audio mixing, but the heater is too loud to listen properly, so it’s off & I am freezing! I need to find a silent heater… #
  • @LauraHarley Thanks Laura! Before I even read your reply, Felisha had ordered some of those… snowing for the last 24 hours here in reply to LauraHarley #
  • Posted another photo blog, this one is other worldly… Christmas related stuff including music is coming soon! #
  • Is mixing the last track for Elika’s album. #
  • learned YouTube users upload 13 hours of video per minute to the service, and they monetize copyrighted material… #
  • Is recording a new album with the sweet sounding Bahiyyih this weekend… #
  • Is working with Bahiyyih in the studio despite the snow & cold… Nothing will stop her sweet music from flowing! #
  • Checking out @MrTweet, my assistant for discovering influencers in my network!! #
  • Is recording guitarwith Eric Harper who just flew in from LA #
  • disappointed to see Hillary has become the new Brittany, even though we all knew she would be… #
  • I prefer the original version of the Hillary song better, from an artist that actually has talent! Depeche Mode: #
  • Retweeting @Miss604: Tree fell on skytrain track in Vancouver, Cap Rd to Horseshoe Bay, Upper Levels Hwy closed #
  • Happy Holidays! #
  • Amazed at the terrible and boring updates people make on social networking during the holidays… are we all that bored? #
  • JC Penney made wakeup calls to customers who signed up to get them into the stores? Crazy! Now thats desperation. #