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some of my favourite songs:

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-27

  • Is going to see The Day The Earth Stood Still! I live for these kinds of flicks…will report later. #
  • is happy to report that ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ is a great film, although it could have been more developed, I loved it! Inspiring. #
  • posted a cool photo I like to call ‘nuclear sunset’ http://tinyurl.com/nuclearsunset more to come when I get some time… #
  • Oh, come on, @moearora Step Brothers is crude and juvenile, but I recently saw it and there are some truly humorous moments in that movie #
  • Is excited that Cypress mountain just opened for skiing. Got a night pass, who in Vancity is going this season? #
  • @TJsDJs if you spend over $1000 just cuz someone has produced an artist that’s gotten lucky or bought some fame, your wasting your money! in reply to TJsDJs #
  • HAZIQ Retweet: Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown by Iraqi Journalist. Supposedly Iraqi symbol of contempt – Link to video http://tinyurl.com/6kd96p #
  • is mixing Elika’s CD, then off to Olympia, Washington with Roshena for a Pro Soul meeting with Jose aka Luvva J #
  • Is driving to Washington… Listening to Phil Morrison & Keith Williams, Jazz http://www.philmorrisontrio.com #
  • Is in Seattle… Listening to Above & Beyond mixes #
  • Is hangin with Jose in Olympia, Wa #
  • is back in Van now #
  • Is juggling WAY too many things again! Duties & people are getting neglected. Think I need a life coach but can’t afford it now. #
  • @peteratomic so glad your enjoying the new net knowledge! That is the tip of the iceberg, Pro Soul has a lot more cool things to assist… in reply to peteratomic #
  • is trying to do audio mixing, but the heater is too loud to listen properly, so it’s off & I am freezing! I need to find a silent heater… #
  • @LauraHarley Thanks Laura! Before I even read your reply, Felisha had ordered some of those… snowing for the last 24 hours here in reply to LauraHarley #
  • Posted another photo blog, this one is other worldly… http://tinyurl.com/coolphoto Christmas related stuff including music is coming soon! #
  • Is mixing the last track for Elika’s album. #
  • learned YouTube users upload 13 hours of video per minute to the service, and they monetize copyrighted material…http://tinyurl.com/94567y #
  • Is recording a new album with the sweet sounding Bahiyyih this weekend… #
  • Is working with Bahiyyih in the studio despite the snow & cold… Nothing will stop her sweet music from flowing! #
  • Checking out @MrTweet, my assistant for discovering influencers in my network! http://mrtweet.net?c=11! #
  • Is recording guitarwith Eric Harper who just flew in from LA #
  • disappointed to see Hillary has become the new Brittany, even though we all knew she would be… http://tinyurl.com/hillaryYouTube #
  • I prefer the original version of the Hillary song better, from an artist that actually has talent! Depeche Mode: http://twurl.nl/x3dt1p #
  • Retweeting @Miss604: Tree fell on skytrain track in Vancouver, Cap Rd to Horseshoe Bay, Upper Levels Hwy closed http://tinyurl.com/a4sxtp #
  • Happy Holidays! http://twurl.nl/crpmgh #
  • Amazed at the terrible and boring updates people make on social networking during the holidays… are we all that bored? #
  • JC Penney made wakeup calls to customers who signed up to get them into the stores? Crazy! Now thats desperation. http://tinyurl.com/7oyj3a #


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