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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-21

  • is celebrating my love and appreciation for my dear Felisha today from afar… Love you baby! #
  • is working in Beijing where the quietness at the market proves economy has been hit here too. Gov’t here has money to boost it though… #
  • RT @HAZIQ: Missing Iraq billions could be the greatest fraud in US history: http://ow.ly/j6g One of the many reasons economy is toast… #
  • @MrBuzzFactor I’ll do an interview, talk about what Pro Soul is doing for indie artists… in reply to MrBuzzFactor #
  • RT @gleonhard: RT @PSFK: Interesting: Facebook owns your stuff 4ever: http://www.miniurl.com/6674 Be careful when uploading to facebook! #
  • RT @edpeto: I have started a twitter feed for anyone interested in the music business in China and other emerging markets: @outdustry. #
  • @FluffyStarr welcome to twitter! follow mrtweet for some assistance and tips in reply to FluffyStarr #
  • RT @mashable: Reading: “Facebook Privacy Change Sparks Federal Complaint” http://www.pcworld.com/article/159703/ #
  • RT @mediaor: [Mashable] Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms of Service: That was quick… http://tr.im/gt46 #
  • Jill Sobule Fans Pay Off – Pay for her new album – Pollstar http://ow.ly/kmI #
  • recording with Elika today. It’s snowing in Beijing, it hasn’t rained in 100 days so the government has seeded the clouds… #
  • RT @gleonhard: Love the new http://www.hoodsuite.com makes using several twitter accounts much easier… #
  • @FluffyStarr good for you! Milk products cause all kinds of issues, for me, it is like Kriptonite to superman… in reply to FluffyStarr #
  • @heatherdore great to hear your getting time off and can work on the new song! It’s going to be amazing in reply to heatherdore #
  • @MusicBizGuy for some great intelligent soft rock, check out jeffandmaya.com in reply to MusicBizGuy #
  • RT @outdustry: 117.6 million mobile internet users in China, more than doubling since this time last year http://bit.ly/kcwJR #
  • got a lot of cool candies and goodies from a real local market in Beijing today, it was an amazing place! #


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