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New trance/pop production: I know I Should Run

I’ve been working on a new trance track for songwriter Deborah Caldwell over the last few months called ‘I Know I Should Run’. It’s about when your madly in love with someone who is totally wrong for you to be involved with and you know it.

Deborah wrote and recorded the song some time ago but wasn’t happy with the style and feel of the song. I redid all the music as a more trance pop dance style at her request, but so that didn’t distract from the well written song, while trying also to enhance the emotional impact of not only the music, but the vocals. Hopefully you’ll feel we achieved that. My role for the track was basically arranging, programming bed tracks, music production, audio engineering and mixing/mastering. I assisted with some minor melody changes as well in some key parts of the song for more emotional impact.

We auditioned a lot of singers to get the right performance and feel for this song, and decided on the talented Isreali singer, Noya. She did a great job of conveying the emotion and was a total pro to work with.
We had a specific sound in mind for the vocals and despite this being different to her typical jazzy style, she gave us exactly what we wanted.

The song isn’t really written specifically to sell to a ‘trance music’ audience, but is more to license in Film, TV, and Ads, or to be covered by another artist.
We’re also working on a slower acoustic version.

You can listen here.

Let me know what you think!

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6 Responses to “New trance/pop production: I know I Should Run”

  1. Felisha Says:

    I love it! The singing and the music sound great. Perfect for a film soundtrack.

  2. Elika Says:

    It’s a gorgeous song Jarome! Congrats! I really enjoyed listening to it.

  3. Heather Doré Says:

    That was fantastic! Noya has an incredible voice – perfectly suited to the song, and I absolutely loved everything about the track itself ! Deborah is a talented songwriter, and you took it to a whole other level ! Fabulous !!! Loved it !!! Congratulations to all of you !!!

  4. Martin Says:

    Sweet !

  5. Isaac R Says:

    Vocals are great! A slower acoustic version would be right at home for film use.

    I like the melody, and the arrangement here – definitely trancey.

    I suppose it depends where you want to go musically with it – but I’m feeling more potential of this as a dance track if it was tweaked a bit, A slightly more aggressive (harder) beat and “dirtied” up synth lines.

    Overall, a solid track! I like it.

  6. Jarome Says:

    Thanks for listening guys, glad you enjoyed the song!