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The End Of Control: Waking Up From Life’s Illusions

For most of my life, like most people, I’ve gone to great lengths to control my things and make sure everything turned out the way I wanted.

Things never really turned out the way I wanted though at all, and I realized that my desire for control over life was exactly why I wasn’t receiving all the benefits I deserved!

I decided to start doing something totally different: Let a higher power have control, recognize and trust my instincts, and just accept things that come into my path. And amazing things started to happen! Amazing people and opportunities I never could have imagined started coming into my life, and they still are. My life is taking a very different path, and I’m heading towards fantastic things and a new balance and happiness that never would have been possible without relinquishing control, and waking up from the illusion of needing to be in control of everything in my life.

So you want to try it? I read a great blog post that will help you with this if you feel your ready to make some big changes in your life to have the amazing things that elude most people.

Zen Habits: “How to Give Yourself to Whatever the Moment Brings, and Forget Stress”

Here’s another great post about changing your life:
Derek Sivers: “Doing The Opposite Of Everyone Is Valuable”

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One Response to “The End Of Control: Waking Up From Life’s Illusions”

  1. Elika Says:

    Lovely post Jarome! I’m so happy to hear about the changes and amazing things that are happening in your life. I agree that completely letting go is what we should all strive for and requires faith, courage, effort and detachment and many of us (if not all of us) struggle with those qualities at some points in our life. I’m so glad you have discovered a recipe that has enabled you to have a more joyful and peaceful life – you deserve it! (Thanks also for sharing the first link – really enjoying reading that blog post too).