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Modern Day Slavery In The United States

It has gotten to the point where the things that happen in our tumultuous world don’t shock or surprise me anymore. Last week Bush not only mispronounced words while talking about children’s education, but he thinks Mandela is dead. No major surprise there.

But today when I learned about slavery being alive and well in the US, I actually was surprised. I’m not talking about getting an immigrant Mexican worker to fetch things, I’m talking about abducting people who have come from overseas and forcing them to do what they’re told for no pay. Real slavery.
Modern Day Slavery In The US

The shocking thing is that by simply buying food at large corporations like Macdonalds, we are supporting this! I’m not much of an activist because I don’t think that it solves the problem of individual moral bankruptcy that exists in the world. It’s a natural imbalance with a simple solution: If the greedy weren’t, those who are starving wouldn’t be. That’s how the world works, It’s a material problem that requires a spiritual solution, and that’s not the solution that is being utilized in the world.
But when you buy food at a resteraunt and don’t even realise that the company employs slaves because maybe they don’t even know, it makes it hard not to be unknowingly supporting this kind of injustice…

I mean, who has the time to track down and research every company and individual they are buying from? I’m not even going to start with that can of worms, I do what I can, and it costs me dearly, but I think it’s worth it. I guess that’s a good place to start, if it seems too cheap (Wal Mart) then it probably involves the violation of someone’s rights!

Here are some ways to do something about the slavery issue particularly, if you do want to act, from the man who wrote the book I first heard about this from:

Or, if you prefer dealing with the root of a problem, not just using a band aid, here is a deeper explanation of how we need to change as individuals in order to solve these problems:
Sustainable Development and the Human Spirit

3 Responses to “Modern Day Slavery In The United States”

  1. Martha Grant Says:

    Hey Jarome. I just read your latest blog and had to offer my two cents. You’re correct in saying that if something seems like a real bargain, then you are probably supporting a slave-like industry.

    As daunting as it sounds, it is truly up to the consumer to research and make choices about each item she buys and from whom. If that is too much, at least be aware of your consumer habits. Ask yourself often, ‘Do I really need this?’ Read about consumer culture (I recommend Naomi Klein’s No Logo – but it is a tome). Every conscious decision matters.

    My interest lies mostly in food production but the argument applies to all consumer goods.

    Thanks for the brain food!

  2. mudspice Says:

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    I just noticed that the strawberry cream is out of stock, I’m sure she’ll get more soon. The other flavours are fantastic too. You could email her to find out when more will come.

  3. jarome Says:

    It’s great to get have you share your insights on here Martha! I *love* that you brought up the relationship between consumerism in our materialistic culture and these injustices, that is such an important point.

    And thanks for the responding to my query with the tea link Erika!
    Martha, you might be interested in what this link has to say about Rooibos and running marathons…