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The sweet serenity of snow

Earlier this week I went skiing for the first time this year, and it was great.
I realized two things:

  • I love skiing for various reasons, but one of the main ones is how quiet it is
  • I am really out of shape

I have been working so much this year that I have totally neglected physical activity so I was expecting to be in pain after skiing, but not on the second run, that is an all new low in being out of shape. So now I am exercising every day even though I loath it.

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is out when it snows? Especially when it is falling from the sky. This is because snow is an excellent sound absorber. I listen to sound all day every day, often the same thing over and over (I probably end up hearing the average song I am producing over 300 times by the time it is done), so it is nice to get up into the mountains where the snow is everywhere because it is so serene. Aside from the odd swish of a ski, or a chunk of snow falling from a tree, it is truly tranquil. A great break from the noise, which I also love, but you need a break once in a while, you know?

Next blog posting: my original Christmas songs.

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