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My latest production, ‘Fire And Gold’ by Elika Mahony

Over the last 3 years I have been producing an album that is quite different than what I usually do by the very talented composer, pianist, and singer, Elika Mahony.
I have blogged last year about some of the challenges of producing an album like this, and about how intense a project like this can become.
With it’s combination of electronic elements with piano, live cello, guitar, and flute and other exotic live instruments such as Persian santur, nay flute, and Chinese erhu, I have to say that this album, called ‘Fire And Gold’ is not only the most diverse and elaborate production I have worked on, but one of the most expensive. But it has done extremely well, selling over a thousand copies shortly after release thanks to Elika’s innovative music promotion techniques worldwide. You can listen here.

For those who are familiar with the musical styles I usually produce, the classical and new age overtones of this spiritually inspired Baha’i album on the theme of tests and difficulties of life may not be your thing. But you will most likely still be able to appreciate Elika’s sweet voice and elegant melodies.

Elika is also using some of the latest online music promotion techniques such as selling electronic versions of her songs online by donation, and offering discounts for multiple CD orders. One of her fan’s have even created a music video for one of the songs, This Is Faith.

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3 Responses to “My latest production, ‘Fire And Gold’ by Elika Mahony”

  1. Elika Says:

    it has been such a pleasure and a gift working with you on ‘Fire and Gold’. Now that it is finally completed, I look forward to our future projects together. Thanks for all your support and encouragement Jarome!

  2. Felisha Says:

    This album is amazing ! I love it! Everyone should have a copy of it. 🙂

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