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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-17

  • Is wondering why o why is there belly button lint? Why? It never used to be there… #
  • reading about Obama’s first international visit as president-to Canada: #
  • @robgokeemusic Check out this BSG vs Depeche Mode mash up, ‘Enjoy The Cylons’: in reply to robgokeemusic #
  • @LauraHarley Yeah! 24 Premiere tonight… Rock on, it’s been too long! in reply to LauraHarley #
  • Is trying to get the new Mac all up and running properly in the studio today after months of set up & prep! #
  • is having more delays with the new Mac. Waves audio is one of the worst software companies EVER. If you don’t already use them, DONT START. #
  • Is amazed at how filthy the streets get after the snow melts in Vancouver! #
  • Just met with the talented Canadian Idol finalist Martin Kerr to catch up & talk about Pro Soul Alliance #
  • Is having deal with a lot of technical issues & learn a bunch of new software in order to have this fast new computer in the studio… #
  • Is glad that I’m finally able to open older projects in Cubase with minimal issues… Off to sound check for regional Bahai conference #


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