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Adoption in Vietnam postponed

We’re supposed to be at the airport right now for a 2am flight to Vietnam to adopt our boy Evan, but I’m here writing this blog instead.
Guess the only thing you can be sure of when you embark on the adoption roller coaster is that you can never be sure of anything!

The group adopting from the orphanage before us is still there, waiting for their paperwork which has been delayed now for weeks.
Unless they get what they need completed and come home, we can’t go.
Even once that happens, we don’t know when we’ll go as new plans have to be made around Christmas and New Years holidays.

This will give me a much needed break, as I try to be patient and wait for those with the authority to do so let little Evan and the other waiting babies have a permanent family.
Until then, he’ll be waiting in the Orphanage in, Vietnam.

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4 Responses to “Adoption in Vietnam postponed”

  1. debbie Says:

    he’ll be coming home to you…soon…prayers… 🙂

  2. Jen Says:

    Hey, I’m just a random internet passerby — wishing you the best of luck in adoption!

  3. Tammi Says:

    We are waiting to adopt from Vietnam too. Have you had any more news about when you will be able to travel to your little Evan?? Hope it is soon 🙂

  4. jarome Says:

    Hi Tammi,

    No, unfortunately, various political and bureaucratic issues that I can’t get into have caused numerous complicated delays, and the holidays and new years further that.

    We are going to wait until March, and if nothing happens by then, we will cease all our adoption plans and call it quits after over 4 years of dealing with endless barriers despite every effort in trying to give a baby in need a good permanent home.
    By then at the rate things are going, there will likely be few opportunities for international adoption left the way the world is going in it’s attitudes towards children.