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I’m a failure.

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I fail quite a lot. More often, I suspect, than you do. If there’s anything I could be said to excel at, it’s failure. And I’ve been doing it for over 18 years.

Now, I don’t say that in a self-deprecating way. it’s a positive thing. A lot of uninformed people look at what I do and think I’m quite a success, maybe because mostly I like to draw people’s attention to the successes, but to many at the top of my field, I would be considered washed up, a has been.

But I’m realizing that I’d rather be considered a failure and interesting, than a dull workhorse bashing away at the same unsuccessful goal because of some misplaced sense of duty. Or a sell out doing things just to make money at the expense of principles or taste.
I’m realizing when I’ve given it lots of time, and things aren’t working out, sometimes it’s better to move on, maybe even to another place where your skills can be better utilized…

Trying and failing is a far more productive strategy than not trying something in case it doesn’t work. In fact, if you want to good at something, and be successful – fail early and fail often.
But don’t be afraid to go and make as many of your own mistakes as you can. It’s really the only way to succeed.

I have to give credit for this post to dear Andrew Dubber who is a far far better writer than I am and knew how to say what I was feeling in his post ‘Fail Early, Fail Often’, and allowed me to share it here for you.

Where is the music industry going?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

I’ve been hinting at a big venture I’ve been involved in and working hard on with my partner Roshena Huang for some time now, even though haven’t said much lately, but i’m ready to start talking more about it. It’s the relaunch of my record label, Pro Soul as a totally reinvented company… more on that later. First though, why exactly did we have to reinvent the company? Because the music industry is drastically changing as is more than evident these days.

So where is it going? Well, no one can really predict the future, so we can really only guess. As Andrew Dubber has said, Anyone who says that they know where the music industry is going is either a liar or a fool. Either way, ignore them.

We DO know what the future of the music industry WON’T be. The future will not be the past.

That means if you’re doing what you were doing ten or even five years ago, you are simply not relevant in the music business! If you are not undergoing an aggressive period of radical change, completely redesigning your business from scratch in this industry right now considering where things are going, then your in trouble, just like the big guys.

So that is what were doing with Pro Soul Alliance – aggressive, radical change and complete redesign. And it’s a lot of work, but it’s also very exciting and different, stay tuned!