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Let me tell you about Las Vegas…

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Luxor pyramid hotel, where we stayed in Vegas

So I just got back from my first trip to Las Vegas last week to visit Felisha’s cousin and celebrate our anniversary… So what was my impression of the famous Vegas?

Money, Sex, Excess.

Yep, I guess that pretty much sums it up!

But one thing that really stood out from the trip besides the incredible heat, was the Cirque Du Soleil show we partly went there to see called ‘Ka’

This show defies any type of description, so I won’t attempt, but I will tell you that it was the most incredible live show I’ve ever seen, complete with 360 degree sound, a custom built theatre, and the most high tech, modular, mobile stage in the world. It was truly beyond belief, and it not only puts any live theatre show out there to shame, it makes Phantom Of The Opera look like an elementary school play.

Get a peek here: