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Jarome Matthew : Downloads – Starlight Lucky Star mix featuring Luvva J, Laura Harley

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Starlight – Lucky Star Mix

Starlight – Lucky Star mix’ is a combination of retro Madonna and the kind of Hip Hop you remember, back when it was great. I started by recording and editing together a 12″ vinyl remix of Lucky Star, with MC Luvva J aka Jose S. Gutierrez Jr. put down an original rap on it. Then I punched it up with some additional beats and synth, and Laura Harley.sings the chorus. Produced by Jarome Matthew. Read the blog postfor more info

Madonna Lucky Star single

80’s, 12″ Vinyl extended version, Hip Hop, synth, original mashup, what more could you want?

Starlight- Lucky Star Mix: Listen


Starlight- Lucky Star Mix: DownloadThere are 3 different levels of quality.Direct link to download all files.
Regular Quality 128k MP3 file, 3.2meg
Maximum Quality 320k MP3 file, 8meg
Uncompressed WAV file, for burning to CD, 35meg

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