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Warner Music Group axed our video

I blogged recently on Pro Soul Alliance about Warner Music Group removing all their content from youtube rather than earn millions per month in royalties in it’s ever increasing number of one terrible business decision after another.

We’re now a victim of this decision, having received a removal notice from Youtube for Laura and my video ‘Enjoy The Cylons‘ since we did a remake of a Warner track by Depeche Mode. The band of course has no say in the matter as they don’t own their music.

I decided to allow the video to stay on youtube, I would replace the audio with licensed content. Unfortunately, youtube doesn’t let you use your own selection…
We would have gladly paid a royalty to release this video, but Warner is not interested.

The fact that Warner is not only missing huge promotional opportunities for their artists, but throwing away income for them in doing this is a sure sign that it is now a very bad idea to do business with a major record label.

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5 Responses to “Warner Music Group axed our video”

  1. Donny Says:

    Would it be possible to host that great mashup and song on a non U.S. site? Just wished I had downloaded it before it was taken down!

  2. Jarome Says:

    Sure, as is mentioned on YouTube, it’s right here:

  3. B Says:

    Excellent job on the video and the music is excellent I love the music production you did on it, her singing is phenomenal it adds a whole new element to this classic song. If you have the music without the cylons talking in it I would love to have it as part of my music collection.

  4. Cathi Says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I seem to remember Warner & Metallica joining together and ganging up on the fans back in 1998-2000, which turned old fans of older Metallica (like the going-on-37-yrs-old-me who saw them at the Omaha Civic Auditorium in ’89 before they sold out to MTV for the money when I was 16) completely off and made us literally simpy hate the band.

    I absolutely despise Warner Bros., and you’re right: they’re sinking themselves with one bad, piss-the-fans-off decision after another.

    I’m a Trekkie as well, & I’m pretty sure that if Paramount had made decisions like this with Trek (which is exactly what they did with STXI the Prequel last year), Trek would’ve died years before I was born to be able to watch it as a really little girl on Daddy’s lap every Saturday.

    I agree with everything you said. “Greedy” and “afraid of the Internet” they are. They’re afraid of the fredom the Internet brings. It costs them money in their view. The fans who buy the music obviously mean NOTHING to Warner Corporate.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. jarome Says:

    The original is back!