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I’m moving to Beijing, China

Yes you read that correctly!
In about two months will be moving to Beijing, China where, as anyone who’s been following my blog knows, I’ve been doing a lot of music production work lately.
I can barely believe it myself.

it started with the production of the talented Elika Mahony’s fire and gold album which eventually brought me to Beijing, where she lives, to work with her in April, 2008. Since then, Elika has been an amazing host for my visits and allowed me to use her studio for other music projects we’ve worked on and that I’ve produced for other artists.
Beijing was nothing like what I expected China to be. It completely changed all the perceptions I, and most of us have about China. Not only did I meet new friends, clients and very talented artists, but I really actually appreciated and enjoyed the culture. (but I guess that really started in Vancouver…)  I found that in a city like Beijing one really doesn’t have to go without any of the ‘western comforts of home’.  in fact the quality of life is significantly higher for many reasons.
But what was most strange was how much I missed China when I came home.  The last year sure has been a confusing time in my life…

Over the last two years, I’ve been fighting the calling that I should be there only working occasionally, but to make Beijing my home base.
The idea seemed totally crazy! But for various reasons such as Felisha’s love for China, and my acquisition of a world-class studio, as well as partnerships with top artists in China,  is very clear that I’m not only meant to be in Beijing, but that it is very possible to make that happen. So over the last year that’s what we’ve been doing, researching and planning relocation to Beijing by selling our home, closing my studio in getting rid of things that we will no longer need there.

I’ve received many confirmations that I’m supposed to be in Beijing as I’ve mentioned. A big one is that in China there is simply a high demand for an experienced foreign professional music producer/engineer like myself, and a lot less competition than a place like Vancouver, which has limited opportunities, lots of competition in the music industry, and extremely high, exponentially increasing costs of living.
China being a huge developing country has all kinds of exciting things happening. This combined with thousands of years of rich culture and yet rapid progress into the future makes it a very exciting place to be.

During our most recent trip to Beijing in January, the purpose was not only to do some work with existing and new clients, but explore the possibilities of living and working there, looking at home and studio options, visa, and other considerations. One of the many great confirmations that I received during that trip was the acquisition of an incredible world-class studio likes of which I could never afford in Vancouver. Everything fell into place that can only be described as divine confirmation that this was the right path.

I’ll blog more about my new studio  and residence very soon. For now, here’s the entrance:
Front Door studio & residence, Beijing

in officially announcing these plans I want to assure all my friends and clients in that I will be back to Vancouver about every 10 months or so to visit and work. If you want to work on projects outside of this, our studio in Beijing has a guest room, so you’re welcome to stay, and I’m happy to fly you to Beijing at no charge to work together if you’re doing a full album or other significant project.

That being said I will sincerely miss all of you and my family, but as most of you have experienced, in Vancouver I’ve been too busy constantly working 6 or 7 days a week to ever really see much of my friends or family anyway. I’m really ready for a huge change in that regard, a change that will bring more desperately needed balance in my life!

This has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but I’ve taken enough time to know it’s the right one.

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7 Responses to “I’m moving to Beijing, China”

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  2. felisha Says:

    Super excited to embark on this new journey with you! 🙂

  3. Elika Says:

    Dear Jarome,
    It’s every musicians dream to be able to work with their producer in the same city and my dream has finally come true! It will be so amazing to be able to work with you in person without the pressure of time constraints and I’m so glad that you’ve had the opportunity to meet many incredible artists and friends here. I’m so happy to be a part of you finding your calling here! Can’t wait to work with you once again in your gorgeous new studio! 🙂

  4. Meg Arteaga Says:

    Congratulations Jarome! What a wonderful life
    to look forward to! Lots of love to you both. Meg

  5. Ron Says:

    Hey Jerome,

    Sounds very cool, I’m in fact moving to China on June 17 , 2010. I will be in Tangshan City, about two hours drive from Bejiing.
    My hope is to open an art studio, as in visual arts. I’m an artist, I use various mediums, mostly sculpting drawing, and/or painting.
    Anything related to art, no matter the medium excites me so I wish you luck and I’m psyched about going there myself.
    Take care

  6. Allen Yang Says:

    Hey Jarome:
    Congratulations! Your new Studio in Bejing looks amazing,you must have be real happy about that. I wish you a Good Luck with you future! 🙂

    If I am in Bejing,would it be possible to take a tour in your new studio?
    All the best

  7. jarome Says:

    Thanks Elika, I can’t imagine what it will be like to be able to work so closely with such a talented artist and amazing friend. Thanks so much for all your assistance! I don’t know how we would have ever managed without you.

    Allan, please feel free to come by when your in Beijing, and that goes for anyone else who wants to visit.