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The Future Of Copyright

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Today in Vancouver, the front page of the newspapers was a proposed copyright bill in Canada.
‘Is your iPod breaking the law?”

Once again, the government in it’s ignorance has caved to corporate industry, having no real idea what is going on with the future of copyright or music. The paper article quotes: “Rather than building a made-in-Canada proposal to help musicians get paid, the government has chosen to import American-style legislation that says the solution to the music industry’s problems is suing our fans”
Once again, Canada seeks to copy America’s ways with it’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act even though their efforts have failed miserably.

When are individuals, corporate America, religion, and government going to start independently investigating truth before making rash decisions that hurt the most vulnerable?
I talked about some of these decisions in this post that hurt content creators…
Backlash against the bill was swift and strong as this article details.

This bill does little to support the content creators and mainly seeks to continue compensating corporations who have become too lazy to market and promote using innovative techniques required in the digital internet age. Luckily it is still on the table and can be challenged.

What is really required is a complete shift in our direction about copyright based on our changing culture and society away from corporate interests, focused more on the content creator as Entertainment Lawyer and Stanford professor Larry Lessig details in his excellent speech, “How creativity is being strangled by the law” here. (also available at the end of this post)

Ultimately, change in copyright will come from the content creators (Most corporations own copyrights to works they themselves did not create!). So if you create content, lead the way by copyrighting using Creative Commons licenses.

Fear is the mindkiller! The resources and TRUTH are available to you dear readers! Please research things for yourself before believing the media, your friends, politicians, or religious clergy!
Let’s get back to instinct, and common sense, reality.

Entertainment Lawyer and Stanford professor Larry Lessig’s speech: “How creativity is being strangled by the law”